The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate

Chapter 1000: Final Chapter, Great Reunion

Chapter 1000: Chapter 1000-Final Chapter, Great Reunion

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Chapter 1000-Final Chapter, Great Reunion

Jialan liked flowers because they were fragrant and beautiful.

It would be even better if he didn’t talk and didn’t like to watch.

But how good was this Dragon One? She wanted to meet him. Jia Lan was not a battle race, but in her heart, she was also fond of fighting.

She flew over the sea surface and passed the dragon race’s territory. The sea surface was deep blue and calm. Jia Lan was just about to go down to the bottom of the sea to take a look, but he saw the waves rise several zhang high. A black dragon leaped out.

He transformed into his human form and looked at the newcomer coldly.

Jialan was only stunned for a moment. Then, she recognized him.

Long Yi was startled. Looking at Jia Lan, he instantly recalled that woman in the small world. She was Jiang Jialan?

“I’m not. You’re mistaken.”

Dragon One denied.

Jia Lan didn’t mind either.” Husband, I didn’t know it was you who came this time. I didn’t even bring any gifts. Have my younger siblings come out? Can 1 go and take a look now?”

“I can’t.”

Dragon One refused.

“Alright.” Jia Lan smiled.

“We are so fated. Our Heavenly Dao is all about fate. What do you think, husband?”

Jialan smiled brightly. Dragon One looked at her and didn’t answer.

Until the second world, the third world…

Jia Lan followed him into the sea and saw four dragon eggs that had yet to hatch, but he could already know the gender.

She touched them one by one. She brushed past the three younger brothers and touched the last one.” What name do you want to give your sister in the future? 1 have many cultivation techniques. I’ll pass them on to her in the future.” “Let’s talk about it in the future.” The dragon’s eyes were gentle.

She was always by his side, and he was always cold. He thought that it was not love, but he subconsciously thought of her. They had walked together for a long time. Even if there was no love, he felt that it was good. Other than her, he had never thought of anyone else.

It was only after that accident that she had sacrificed herself for him, which became a calamity that he would never be able to overcome. Only then did he know about it silently. After spending ten thousand years, he finally reunited with her.

Jialan had been back for a long time. When she found Liu Yuanyuan and Hu Yu, she recalled the time when she was Liu Sanniang. Without a word, she had to gather everyone she knew for a meal.

Su Yanyu had become a rabbit demon. His cultivation wasn’t up to standard, and his head always had two long, soft ears hanging down. When he saw Kalan, he didn’t dare to recognize him.” This, this is really my master? Why doesn’t it look like it at all?”

Hu Yu rolled his eyes at Su Yanyu.” Little prince, please look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself. Do you look like yourself in the past?”

“Yuanyuan, she bullied me.” Su Yanyu tried to rope Liu Yuanyuan in.

Hu Yu was furious.” Are you shameless? You only know how to complain about such a small matter. You’re not a man at all, you know that? You clearly wouldn’t have complained in the past!!”

They had not seen each other for a long time, and they had become different.

In the beginning, Su Yanyu would never complain. Hu Yu had threatened and bullied countless people, and cheated them of countless Gu worms…

Jialan smiled when she saw it. She went forward and patted Su Yanyu.” The prince has made a name for himself. I’m very gratified.”

Su Yanyu’s face instantly turned red.” Master, it’s really you. 1 felt so close when you walked in.”

“Supremacy, long time no see.” Liu Yuanyuan smiled at Jia Lan.

” Master!” Lin Jie walked to Kalan and greeted him respectfully.” Master, long time no see.”

Indigo looked at Lin Jie and smiled.” Little Jie has grown up. How is it? Master didn’t lie to you, right?”

Lin Jie smiled and did not say anything. He did not lie, but his master did not tell her about the near-death experience.

” Master?” Hu Yu was a little embarrassed.” Should I call you Master or Venerable now?”

Jia Lan smiled.” You can call me whatever you want. Have you found your mother, Hu Qiushui?”

Hu Yu immediately called the Venerable One. She said,” Thank you for your concern, Venerable One. I’ve seen my mother. She’s doing very well.”

At this moment, a voice sounded.

” Sorry, let me interrupt. This friend here is a rabbit. We also have roasted rabbits today. Can we still roast them?”

The woman’s voice carried a hint of laughter as everyone looked at Su Yanyu.

Su Yanyu’s face turned red.” Of course! I want to eat eight or ten of them too!”

He had reincarnated for many lives before reincarnating into a world where he could cultivate. However, his original form was a rabbit. What else could he do? Rabbit was not easy to cultivate, so his path of cultivation was extremely bumpy.

However, it was slightly damaged by the strike and its ears were gone. With these rabbit ears, one could tell at a glance.

This was a rabbit demon.

“Let me introduce you. This is Cherry. She’s Dragon One’s younger sister.”

“Who is Dragon One?” Su Yanyu asked in confusion.

Cherry smiled.” My big brother heard that he was going to entertain you guys, so he went to catch some fish. Have fun today. We can be friends and play together in the future.”

“Don’t you know a few people?” Kalan said to Cherry.”Call them over to eat together.”

Cherry shook Kalan’s arm.” Eldest sister-in-law is the best. I’ll go get someone then.”

“Bring the little bones too,” Kalan instructed her.

Cherry nodded.

When everyone was gathered together, they were all relying on their loved ones.

Little Bones was the only child. She had two buns in her hair and looked adorable.

“Little bones, come over to Third Uncle and Fourth Uncle, let’s hug.”

Long San and Long Si were completely convinced by this cute little thing.

Ryuji smiled faintly. In the second half of the match, he politely bid farewell to everyone and left.

Long San and Long Si were puzzled.” Second Brother, why are you leaving so early? Let’s play a little longer. It’s so fun.”

Ryuji smiled and said nothing.

Rose Palace Lord yawned.” It just so happens that I have something to attend to. I’ll be leaving first. You’re welcome to come to my Rose Palace to play anytime. If you’re out and have any trouble, look for my brother. His name is Feng Heng.”

Long San and Long Si didn’t understand. Why did they all leave? Whatever, they didn’t want to leave anyway.

“It’ll be lively if all of you give birth in the future,” Long San and Long Si were curious.

With this, there was a topic to talk about.

“Then let’s play a game. Whoever wins will have children,” Hu Yu said first.

How could it be like this?

Hu Yu’s thoughts were always strange.

When the game started, Long San and Long Si realized that they were single…

The two of them almost broke down in an instant. When they thought of Ryuji and Rose Palace Master who had left early, it was too late for them to regret…

The two of them were unhappy. This was really awkward. They wanted to walk but couldn’t, so they braced themselves and played. In the end, they hugged each other and cried as they left.

After the banquet ended, Kalan felt very comfortable in his heart. Su Yanyu and the others would come often in the future. This was enough.

She had replanted the flower seeds. After the flowers bloomed, she felt as if she had returned to the past. Dragon One was already by her side, accompanying her as she waited for the flowers to bloom and admire them.

Kalan leaned into Dragon One’s arms. Her face was slightly red, and her voice was a little hoarse.” We won a game just now. Do you think we’ll have a child?”

Dragon One stretched out his hand and covered Jia Lan’s waist. His voice was also a little dry.” Let fate decide.”

Who could say for sure about the wonderful word fate? Perhaps it was already on the way. After planting the seed, all he needed to do was wait quietly and wait for the harvest in time. Although these factors might change, the only thing that remained unchanged was that he would love you forever.

“Kalan, I love you.”

“Yes, I knew it a long time ago. Otherwise, why do you think i recognized you the moment I saw you?”

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