Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2748: There’s Finally a Cell Phone Signal, It’s Too Late!

Chapter 2748: There’s Finally a Cell Phone Signal, It’s Too Late!

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The man got out of the car and walked to the chauffeur. Then, he gestured and talked with the young man.

After a while, he frowned, walked back to the car, and said to the old man inside, “Elder Leo, the other party insists on waiting for the traffic police.”

“We don’t want compensation, and he won’t let us go?” Leonard was not a fool. He immediately sensed that something was wrong.

An ordinary person would have been happy when they heard there was no need to pay for compensation. They should have immediately moved aside happily. However, the other party insisted on blocking their way.

It was as if he had deliberately bumped into them!

“He said that he’s afraid that we won’t admit it and cause trouble for him again.” This reason was still reasonable.

Leonard was silent for a moment. He took out his cell phone to contact Ji Ziyin before realizing that his cell phone had no signal.

His eyebrows twitched.

Pursing his lips, he opened the door, got out of the car, and said to the person beside him, “Let’s get back in.”

Seeing that he could not resolve this car accident in a short time, he did not have the time to continue pestering the other party.

He wanted to get into the car to confirm it.

Otherwise, all of this would be too much of a coincidence.

So coincidental that it made him uneasy.

“Why did he get out of the car?” As Qin Si negotiated with the chauffeur, he saw Leonard getting out of the car from the corner of his eye. He pulled the chauffeur and said with a faint smile, “He’s the owner of the car. You can’t leave before the matter is resolved.’

Already impatient, the chauffeur pushed his hand away and coldly said, “It’s enough that I stay and deal with it.”

Qin Si did not say anything, but he immediately thought about how to inform Qiao Nian. Leonard was already walking into the airport.

Qin Si took out his cell phone and said, “How can a chauffeur like you deal with the insurance company? I want to inform my insurance company. I’ll see if you can leave in this situation. If you can’t, I’ll call your boss back.”

As he spoke, he took out Qiao Nian’s contact number from his contact list and pretended to call her.

Before he could, a new message popped up on the screen.

It was a WeChat message.

It was from Qiao Nian. [MO Xi has taken the target.]

Qin Si instantly calmed down. He looked at the chauffeur as if nothing had happened and muttered, “Forget it, I can’t be bothered to call the insurance company.”

The chauffeur had yet to figure out what he was up to when he opened the door and lazily asked, “Your master just said that he doesn’t want me to compensate him, right?”

The chauffeur said, “Weren’t you afraid that we would extort you later?”

Qin Si looked at him happily. “Oh, I agree now.”

The chauffeur was confused.

Qin Si did not care what the chauffeur thought as he rolled up the window.

The blue sports car started and, in the blink of an eye, drove away with a roar.

The chauffeur watched as the sports car drove away elegantly. He touched the back of his head as he walked back to the car. At the same time, he took out his cell phone, intending to report the situation to Leonard.

At the airport.

Leonard and company had just stepped in when their cell phones buzzed.

He stopped in his tracks and took out his cell phone from his pocket. Seeing the caller ID on the screen, he glanced at the signal bar in the upper left corner.

He did not know when the signal was full again.

The uneasiness in his heart grew stronger and stronger. He accepted the call with a solemn expression. “I’ll be right there.”

Ji Ziyin’s panicked and furious voice came from the speaker.

“Elder Leo, the target has been stolen!”

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