Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2880 Treachery and Plots! I

Chapter 2880 Treachery and Plots! I

2880 Treachery and Plots! I

This was a place laid out purposefully by Noah- an intermediary to accept the many incoming powerful entities as their Extremes were burned out and filtered!

Very soon, after the arrival of the Primogenitor of Steel…

WAP! WAP!...

One after another, powerful Entities ranging from the Fifth to Seventh Gradations of Extremity appeared as their bodies were being burned of either Vacuous or Vitalis, their eyes coming to hone in on Noah's glorious figure as his voice echoed out.

[Welcome to my Aletheian Dream of Arcadia. Like the Veil of Arcadia you all stemmed from, it is meant to contain the weavings of hopes and dreams…a place to burn away your old reliance on Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Authority before embarking on an entirely different path.]


The Aletheian Dream of Arcadia!

On this day, under the calm gazes of Noah's people, dozens of Entities began to enter one after another as their bodies were being cleansed of Vacuous and Vitalis!

At the forefront, the visage of Steel was bright as with his burning eyes, he called out mightily.

[The Most Recent Honored One- Noah Osmont…you lived and made something grand!]


He survived against the Dikastes of Extremity and even enacted a domain like this that could not fall under the gazes of others!

His expression was bright as he looked around and continued.

[Where is this? How can the gazes of the Ones Above Extremity not fall here?]

As he spoke, more and more Entities appeared behind him as the visage of Curagulus also appeared not too far away, his gaze bright as he gazed around with wonder.

Noah's figure was calm as when he opened his mouth to reply…



A voice boomed out.

But it wasn't just a voice.

It was an intent!

From the body of a Vacuous Entity at the 6th Gradation of Extremity whose body was being burnt of the last remaining shreds of this authority, tendrils of Vacuous Existential Authority blared and pushed away Tyranny and Infinity!

The blooming intent alarmed the new entrants as their faces turned ashen.

|Our gazes cannot fall here because you live between Existence and Non-existence, surrounded by the light of a weaving that keeps you constantly moving across the Aeonic Annals of Extremity. It truly is a marvelous creation. Truly a worthy effort.|


As the intent spoke, the body of the Entity at the Sixth Gradation of Extremity exploded as in its place, the mighty visage of Serpentine pupils and burning black wings appeared.

A Dikastes of Extremity!

Of the tendrils of Tyranny and Infinity that were previously wrapping around it, its wings held an obsidian transparent glass that now contained wriggling Existential Extremity Authorities of Tyranny and Infinity.

The moment it appeared, the color drained from all the Entities who had arrived in the Aletheian Dream of Arcadia!

Those near the emerging Dikastes of Extremity scrambled away as their extremes began to burn with even more fear and a sense of rising regret.

They had already made this choice as they couldn't take it back!

But as regret rose in the hearts of some, those who had lived even longer and were more perceptive had their gazes turn toward the Most Recent Honored One who had taken them all here.

They saw his visage still unfettered as his hands remained behind his back.

Seeing this, the eyes of Steel and others retained their sense of calm as it seemed that not everything was for naught!

Did he expect this? Did he plan for this? Did he know this would happen?!

Noah's gaze was also noticed by the Dikastes of Extremity as the serpentine eyes of this entity curved into a cruel smile while its intent weaved out.


|Why are you still so smug, Insurgent? Finding the cave you were hiding in was hard as wondrously, a worthless seed like you led us right to it with just a little push.|


|Call out to you? The Weaver of Extremity? What laughable nugatory efforts and words those were.|

As it spoke, even more auras blared and emerged as an Entity who was known as the Primogenitor of Bones at the Seventh Gradation of Extremity…had his visage explode as from it, a Vitalis Dikastes of Extremity appeared.


A string of a somber symphony echoed out at this moment as far in the distance, the visage of the Bard of Vitalis could be seen as he held his guitar lightly, other instruments manifesting around him as a heavy and sorrowful tune began to play!

As if what was going on concerned him and didn't concern him at the same time, the Bard sought to find a tune to fit this heavy mood.

Even if his existence was extinguished, at least he would have been playing a grand symphony to his last moments.


In another area, the body of an entity at the Sixth Gradation of Extremity changed as another Vacuous Dikastes of Extremity appeared, and such a scene continued to play out as multiple Entities who had attended the Existential Symposium…turned out to be Dikastes of Extremity lying dormant in disguise.

They all spread out in the surroundings and encircled the vast Aletheian Dream of Arcadia!

Amongst all the newly appearing ones, one with a distinct appearance reminiscent of Noah blared with might as it was…

Larseus Corvin of the Legacy of Ignatius.

|You said to me that you love to see the expression of arrogance and narcissism the most on those like me. That I would come to grovel- kneeling at your feet as this expression turns into despair and shock. Do you still feel that same way, Little Rat? Do you feel an overabundance of control at this moment?|


The Dikastes who found him in the waters of the Sixth Gradation of Extremity taunted as its eyes radiated profound cruelty.

It wanted to continue as currently, over 20 Dikastes of Extremity surrounded the dreamy sandy gold domain as one who was surrounded by tendrils of powerful Vitalis Existential Extremity Authority weaved her intent.



Cavalier Reylyra of the Legacy of Al-Abalem spoke out grandly as her power robustly spread in the surroundings.

The serpentine eye on her chest locked onto Noah's figure as her intent fully focused on him.

|I'm holding everyone back right now to give you a chance. Your demeanor of calmness must mean we've possibly only located one of the caves you hide in, or it is simply false bravado. Whichever it is doesn't matter.|


|I'll give you a chance right now- a chance for survival before things get really, really bad for you. Stand down, stop this senseless and unwinnable war you are trying to wage, and we will welcome you back into the folds of Vitalis.|


|All will be forgiven…after all, a Seed like you who can expand Existential Extremity Authorities by himself and escape us for this long is unique. Our Legacy can cleanse you of these corrupted authorities and add you to our folds. No war. No pain. No uncertainties.|

Her intent and words were shocking ones as when Steel, Curagulus, the Bard of Vitalis, Primogenitor of Flames, and the others who had made the choice to call out to the Weaver heard it- their expressions changed drastically!

The means of these Entities were so terrifying that they would go this far?

The eyes of Cavalier Reylyra of the Legacy of Al-Abalem blazed with grandness and majesty as her intent continued.

|However bad you think things can get from here on out, I will tell you that you cannot even imagine. Do not wait for what you cannot imagine. Relinquish this fantasy of control and join us…and you will be shown what Extremity truly is. You will be shown what is Above Extremity, and how to get there if you are special enough. And after that…only brilliance awaits you.|

Only brilliance waited.

Only majesty was waiting!

All eyes and Wills turned towards the most recent Honored One at this moment.

Against such words, against such a ticket to brilliance…this Entity smiled and replied.

[Your offer is enticing.]


[Sadly, I have an extreme aversion to bending the knee to others- to the point that even thinking about it repulses me.]


The eyes of the Extremity of Quintessence turned utterly cold as they shone with brilliance, his voice continuing to echo out!

[One by one, Legacies shall fall. White and black will come under the heel of the call….those words right there- you wait for those to come true, and then you can come before me again, Cavalier Reylyra of the Legacy of Al-Abalem.]


A heavy denial.

A shocking set of words!

Words that the moment they were uttered, Cavalier Reylyra blazed with brilliance as her intent echoed out.

|Kill them all.|


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