Incurable Pain

IP Chapter 30

IP Chapter 30

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Incurable Pain | Chapter 30

Amidst the chaos around, Sheng Churan was completely stunned.

She half knelt in front of Yu Luoyin, seeing clearly a trace of undisguised indifference in the boy’s eyes.

It made her feel like a joke.

For a moment, Sheng Churan felt as if her face had been slapped hard, burning hot.

The intense feeling of embarrassment was like being submerged in a lake, making it hard for her to breathe. Her face alternated between red and white, tears quickly welling up in her eyes.

Sheng Churan bit her lip, glaring fiercely at Yu Luoyin before standing up and running away.

Unfortunately, in the bustling market-like scene, nobody paid attention to her pitiful teenage emotions.

Almost everyone was surrounding Yu Luoyin.

There was no need to elaborate on his popularity and good reputation at school. In an instant, Li Chuanyun almost became the target of everyone’s criticism.

He could only dryly explain when everyone came to accuse him:

“I didn’t do it on purpose, Yu Luoyin bumped into me!”

“It’s normal for physical collisions to happen on the field.”

“Please, I really didn’t mean it.”

Sentence by sentence, but in the eyes of most people, they only saw Yu Luoyin’s injured and bleeding arm.

How many people were actually listening to Li Chuanyun?

His mouth opened and closed several times before he realized it was futile. In an instant, his eyes turned desolate, and he closed his mouth with a hint of despair.

It’s just that his fists clenched at his sides—if it weren’t for the public setting, there would be almost no doubt that he would start fighting with Yu Luoyin.

Bai Xunyin stood not too far away, coldly observing everything. After a while, a strange curve appeared at the corner of her lips.

Not only could Yu Luoyin deceive her round and round, but he could also deceive everyone else.

It’s ridiculous.

Now Li Chuanyun found himself isolated and unable to defend himself. He only wished he could use a forklift to shovel Yu Luoyin into outer space, just like before. How similar it was to her previous situation.

Why couldn’t Yu Luoyin be satisfied with deceiving people?

Always lying, always pretending to be pitiful, as if everything could be firmly grasped and manipulated in the palm of his hand, following his ‘script’. Did he never consider that unexpected things might happen?

Bai Xunyin took a deep breath, shook off the hand Ah Mo had grabbed her sleeve, and walked over to Li Chuanyun’s side.

Then, in Li Chuanyun’s astonished gaze, she picked up her phone and typed out a message to show him word by word:

“It’s okay, I saw that he intentionally bumped into you.”

“I believe you.”

The reason was simple, she just felt there should be fewer innocent people wrongly accused.

She just felt… at least one person should believe him, because she knew the feeling of being isolated and unsupported.

Li Chuanyun was stunned, staring blankly at Bai Xunyin’s delicate yet indifferent profile. It was as if he had been struck dumb, slow to react.

A belated realization dawned on his face, and a clumsy smile tinged with surprise surfaced.

Yu Luoyin coldly observed their interaction for a moment, then stood up.

“Move aside,” he said coldly, pushing through the crowd to leave the basketball court. He hadn’t released the hand pressed against his wound, and blood droplets occasionally fell along his path.

Bai Xunyin watched the crimson mark dry on the ground and withdrew her gaze.

“Bai Xunyin, thank… thank you.”

Although he didn’t quite understand why Yu Luoyin deliberately ‘collided’ with him and didn’t pursue it, leaving him bewildered, Bai Xunyin standing by his side voluntarily still made Li Chuanyun feel as if he had won a lottery.

Unable to help but smile foolishly, he said, “Um, should I walk you home?”

In winter, the days turned dark early. Even though school had ended relatively early today due to exams, the incident during the basketball game had already darkened the day.

Bai Xunyin glanced at the sky where the moon was quietly peeking out, shaking her head lightly.

After Li Chuanyun was reluctantly turned down and left, Ah Mo approached quietly and asked in a low voice, “Yinyin, wasn’t Li Chuanyun the guy who used to bring you breakfast every day in freshman year? What did he say to you?”

Bai Xunyin couldn’t be bothered to answer such a boring question.

At this awkward time of day, as usual, Bai Xunyin escorted Ah Mo away first, then went to the bike shed behind the school to retrieve her bicycle.

She disliked taking the bus, disliked crowded places, and always rode her bike unless it was windy or rainy.

After chatting with Ah Mo for a while, who left reluctantly and kept sending messages non-stop—teenage girls at seventeen or eighteen seemed to have endless things to talk about anyway, and their chat history was always in the hundreds—Bai Xunyin walked while replying to Ah Mo’s messages, an unconscious smile lingering on her lips. But her smile faded slowly when she saw a figure leaning against the bike shed.

There weren’t many students from the school riding bikes, and by this time, there weren’t many people coming to pick up their bikes.

Leaning against the entrance of the bike shed, the young man in the school uniform had his zipper wide open, casual and loose, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, with pristine white bandages wrapped around his slender forearms.

Yu Luoyin idly bit on a cigarette, lifting his eyes at the sound of light footsteps and looking towards Bai Xunyin standing not far away.

The girl subconsciously halted her steps, keeping a considerable distance from him.

The faint yellow glow from the two tall streetlamps outside the bike shed outlined her slender figure, casting a long shadow.

Mysterious yet softly charming, but those chestnut-colored eyes were different, with a thin layer of coldness.

Yu Luoyin let out a casual sigh, his faint voice dissipating in the chilly night, reaching Bai Xunyin’s ears.

Almost accusingly, he said, “Bai Xunyin, you’re really heartless.”

He had been injured and bleeding right in front of her, yet Bai Xunyin could still act as if nothing had happened.

Was she still the girl who used to easily coax affection and pity from others?

Suddenly, Yu Luoyin realized that he had never truly understood Bai Xunyin.

The previous neglect and indifference could still be within his realm of understanding, but today…

However, Yu Luoyin’s bafflement and confusion seemed to please Bai Xunyin, who couldn’t help but laugh after roughly guessing what was on his mind.

How amusing.

Yu Luoyin now felt like he ‘didn’t know her anymore’. Wasn’t this feeling similar to when she heard about the bet Yu Luoyin made earlier?

Hadn’t she also felt like she never really knew Yu Luoyin?

But later, she slowly realized that she had only been blinded by illusions—she had never truly seen him.


Bai Xunyin walked over, holding her phone up to show Yu Luoyin as she typed, “You orchestrated your own injury, how much sympathy are you still after?”

Yu Luoyin’s dark pupils slightly contracted.

“I don’t love watching basketball games, but that doesn’t mean I don’t watch them.”

Bai Xunyin’s lips curled up in a sarcastic smile.

“In a normal confrontation, you deliberately leaned into Li Chuanyun. Yu Luoyin, what were you trying to do?”

The silence in the bike shed seemed to linger for a while.

“So you’ve seen through it all, huh? You’ve been watching me all along?”

One minute later, Yu Luoyin restrained the hostility in his eyes and spoke again, his voice still lazy, with a teasing undertone.

“Very clever. Yes, I did it on purpose.”

Bai Xunyin frowned.

“I did it on purpose when he came to steal the ball, deliberately took a fall, just to scratch myself a bit hoping you’d feel sorry for me. But you didn’t fall for it.” Yu Luoyin seemed somewhat regretful about this, shrugging lightly.

“Who told that kid to like you?”

He coveted something he shouldn’t have, so he deserved his misfortune.

Completely unexpected was Yu Luoyin’s shamelessness and righteousness. After a brief moment of stunned silence, Bai Xunyin felt an indescribable annoyance—every confrontation with Yu Luoyin after their fallout felt like punching cotton.

Bai Xunyin didn’t understand how Yu Luoyin’s mind worked; it was as if he couldn’t understand human language.

Her expression turned as cold as water. She simply decided to bypass him, who was so close yet so far away, and go get her bike.

“Bai Xunyin.”

Yu Luoyin stopped her, his voice carrying a barely perceptible hint of grievance.

“Even though I did it on purpose, it really hurts.”

“Can’t you show a little concern for me?”

Bai Xunyin’s fingers, holding onto the bike handle, involuntarily tightened. She accidentally flicked the bike bell on top.

The piercing sound of the bell lingered in the quiet bike shed, unsettling the heart like a ball of yarn being tangled by a cat’s claws.

What could possibly… make a person become so shameless?

Yu Luoyin clearly didn’t have an ounce of genuine sincerity, his entire demeanor wrapped in an elaborate facade of deception.

From the beginning, to the breakup, to the apology on a rainy day before, to today’s injury…

He had always been deceiving people, yet still managed to shamelessly make her feel sorry for him. How ignorant and arrogant he was, to be so brazenly righteous.

Bai Xunyin speculated that Yu Luoyin was probably one of those true children of fortune—a person who grew up in extremely favorable living conditions, subjected to the most stringent standard of “study well,” able to get whatever they wanted, and always having someone to cover up any mistakes.

So he didn’t understand what real setbacks were, always believing that he could be forgiven for anything he did.

Yu Luoyin must be such a person, which was why he continued to cling to her regardless of how many times she threatened him, still stubbornly believing that using some small tricks could make her return to being the obedient dog wagging its tail for him.

Unfortunately, she was very clear-headed.

“Why do you keep clinging to me?”

Bai Xunyin pushed her bike past, stopping in front of Yu Luoyin.

“Is it because you can’t accept defeat, or because you like me?”

Her words were forceful, her clear eyes making Yu Luoyin unable to find the words to respond, his throat feeling choked.

“A person like you, even if you say you like me, I wouldn’t believe it.”

Bai Xunyin calmly asked, “So you’re still clinging to me now because you haven’t deceived enough, is that it?”

“How far do you intend to go, as someone who enjoys deceiving others?”

A moment of dead silence.

After a while, Yu Luoyin gritted his teeth.

“Is that how you see me?”

“Otherwise, how should I see you?”

Bai Xunyin smiled, a hint of vivid disgust hidden in her weary eyes.

“I just want you to stay away from me, stop bothering me. If you felt like you hadn’t deceived enough before, then how about I give you your fill now?”

Yu Luoyin hesitated, his slender fingers hanging by his side involuntarily clenched.

His voice hoarse, as cold as ice, he asked, “What do you want?”

“We’ve hugged before, but we haven’t kissed. If I give you a kiss, will you leave me alone then?”

Bai Xunyin asked, almost resigned. She looked at him calmly, turning what should have been an extremely ambiguous topic into something solemn and formal, as if negotiating a deal.

Yu Luoyin couldn’t find words, staring at her intently.

“If that’s the case…”, Bai Xunyin’s words halted abruptly.

Yu Luoyin watched as the girl’s face was illuminated by the glow of her phone screen in the dark night. Her long eyelashes blinked, then she looked up.

In a strange and suffocating atmosphere, neither of them spoke.

Embrace, kiss.

Yu Luoyin didn’t know what was swirling in his pitch-black eyes, whether it was fiery passion or icy indifference, as he watched Bai Xunyin. All he knew was that the girl put away her phone, her fair and gentle face seemingly getting closer and closer…

The unique fragrance emanating from her filled the air, stirring up excitement and coldness in Yu Luoyin’s chest.

He knew Bai Xunyin wanted to end his entanglement, to end this ‘abnormal’ relationship between them.

He just hadn’t expected her to use this method.

She despised him so much, she even resorted to this.

Perhaps when she kissed him, it was no different from kissing a toad in her heart.

Yu Luoyin pondered aimlessly, smiling wryly—he couldn’t help but think back to that rainy day a long time ago, when he helped Bai Xunyin move a table to the teaching building and then left. He had inexplicably stood outside their classroom and overheard the conversation between Bai Xunyin and Sheng Churan.

Back then, he was very surprised and amused by Bai Xunyin’s attitude. It was a genuine indifference.

No matter how Sheng Churan treated her, Bai Xunyin seemed to regard her as a clown performing tricks. At that time, Yu Luoyin felt that to some extent, this girl was quite indifferent.

She seemed gentle, but in reality, she just didn’t care.

Once someone like this has decided in their heart that you’re dirty, that they don’t like you as a person, nothing you say matters.

Unfortunately, Yu Luoyin later forgot how he felt at the beginning.

He foolishly thought of Bai Xunyin as ‘gentle and docile’, completely forgetting the determined and resolute side he had seen in her.

And at this moment, Yu Luoyin now realized more clearly just how special Bai Xunyin was.

Things that were extremely important to most girls meant nothing to her.

Hugs, first kisses, holding hands—were these things really significant?

Perhaps not.

Bai Xunyin didn’t care about the superficial aspects, or how things appeared physically. It was all inconsequential to her.

What Bai Xunyin pursued was a pure emotion, a true spiritual connection.

It might sound like wishful thinking, but she truly was that kind of person.

So if Yu Luoyin was unwilling because of this, she could use it to exchange for a ‘peaceful and calm life’, and she would be indifferent.

This made Yu Luoyin even more desolate because he didn’t know how to control her, didn’t know what else he could do to win back Bai Xunyin.

Perhaps accepting such a tender kiss from the girl in the night would lead them to part ways completely…

But he still damn well felt his heart beating faster and didn’t want to refuse.

Yu Luoyin lowered his gaze, watching Bai Xunyin’s long eyelashes getting closer and closer, as if her breath was right beside him, and involuntarily closed his eyes.

Suddenly, a piercing cell phone ring cut through the air like thunder.

It was as if someone had thrown a bomb into a sweet dreamlike trap, instantly jolting them awake.

Both of them froze for a moment before hurriedly pulling apart.

Yu Luoyin couldn’t describe whether the dry emotions in his heart were disappointment or relief. His mind felt a bit muddled as he stared blankly at Bai Xunyin.

The latter, however, didn’t have the same ‘immersion’ feeling as him. Upon hearing the phone ring, she withdrew her indifferent gaze, her eyebrows furrowing slightly.

The call was from Ji Huiying, but because of her special circumstances, few people ever called her; they usually communicated through messages. Moreover, Ji Huiying?


Bai Xunyin didn’t know what she was thinking, her delicate features frozen in an instant.

Then, she didn’t even have time to avoid Yu Luoyin; her fingertips trembling, she pressed the answer button haphazardly.


Ji Huiying’s originally gentle voice was now hoarse, like that of a weather-beaten traveler, rough and choked, “Come to the hospital quickly, your father, your father… he…”

“The hospital issued a critical condition notice.”

In an instant, the color drained from Bai Xunyin’s face completely.

For almost a few seconds, her features lost sensation; she couldn’t see clearly, couldn’t hear clearly, her mind filled with a blank, roaring wind, completely numb.

So Yu Luoyin pulled her aside—

“Bai Xunyin.”

The slender fingertips of the young man flicked the bicycle bell, “Calm down.”


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