An Empress’s Return to the Present: The Real Young Lady’s Strong Comeback

Chapter 472: Request

Chapter 472: Request

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Although Tian Xian had already guessed the reason for Zhu Jin and company’s arrival, he could not help but frown when he heard that Yang Jia and Lu Mo were involved.

He glanced at Zhu Jin and He Shi. “If I remember correctly, the two of you seem to have been chosen and are about to sign the contract to enter the production team.”

Zhu Jin and He Shi met Tian Xian’s gaze and subconsciously shrunk back. However, at the thought of being able to participate in the variety show produced by Gu Xiao, the two of them still firmed their resolve and looked at Tian Xian.

Seeing this, Tian Xian snorted softly and looked at Lu Yu. “And you, 1 remember that your manager is now giving you access to the movie resources. Now you are coming to participate in a variety show, will your manager agree?”

Ever since “Peony Fall” became a hit, Lu Yu had also been promoted from a C- or D-list actor to a B-lister.

Although her development wasn’t as good as Mi Rui’s, she had developed quite well.

In particular, Lu Yu’s performance in “Peony Fall” was really not bad. There were also directors who came to ask Lu Yu to audition for their works.

However, her manager still valued Lu Yu’s first movie very much, so until now, she had yet to confirm which production team she would join.

If not for the fact that her manager had accepted a few advertisements for her, Lu Yu would really have to stay in the company and do nothing.

“This, my manager hasn’t decided yet, right? Perhaps, perhaps movie resources might not be confirmed?” Lu Yu didn’t dare to look Tian Xian in the eye, so she could only look away and mutter softly.

When Zhu Jin and He Shi heard Lu Yu’s words, their eyes lit up and they echoed her.

“Yes! CEO Tian, the contract hasn’t been signed yet, right? There has been no signing of the contract for the past few days. Perhaps there is already a more suitable candidate?” He Shi said his guess excitedly.

Zhu Jin, who was at the side, also nodded. He seemed to agree with He Shi.

When Tian Xian heard that, he snorted softly. He took out two folders from his desk and threw them to the desk.

“You don’t have to think about that. The contract has already been sent over. After your manager has seen it and confirmed that there are no mistakes, the contract will be signed immediately.” Tian Xian reached out and pointed at Zhu Jin and He Shi. “The two of you, get lost to the production team too!”

Zhu Jin and He Shi looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

They did not expect this contract to come at this time. If this contract had come two days later, they might have been able to persuade CEO Tian to agree to let them participate in President Gu’s variety show.

Tian Xian glanced at Lu Yu from the corner of his eye.

“As for you, your manager has already chosen a movie with a good script and a good director. Your manager should inform you about this soon.”

As the earliest batch of seniors in Star Brilliance Entertainment, Yang Jia and the others had developed quite well. Hence, their managers would report their work to Tian Xian from time to time.

Although Tian Xian did not know everything about Yang Jia and company, he still knew about some major matters and the general direction of development.

Fortunately, he knew about these things in advance. Otherwise, with the status of these three people, he might have hesitated for a moment before agreeing to their request.

Zhu Jin and He Shi picked up the documents on Tian Xian’s desk and opened it. They realized that it was indeed the contract sent by the production team they had made contact with previously.

Looking at this contract, Zhu Jin and He Shi knew that their idea of participating in Gu Xiao’s variety show would never succeed.

The hands that were holding the folders clenched slightly. Then, they sighed and accepted their fate.

After a few seconds, Zhu Jin looked at Tian Xian hesitantly. “CEO Tian, can you not tell our manager that we came to look for you today?”

If their manager found out… although their manager would not punish them physically, he would deliberately make them eat nutritious food that tasted terrible.

This way, they would reflect on themselves every time and would not dare to do anything else.

After that, no one knew who sent this method to the chat group consisting of the managers of Star Brilliance Entertainment. Now, whenever an artist from Star Brilliance Entertainment did something wrong, they would be punished like this, causing the artistes from Star Brilliance Entertainment to suffer unspeakably.

Tian Xian found it funny when he saw the three of them looking worried.

“Why? Are you afraid now? When you came to look for me, why didn’t you think of what would happen now?”

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