After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 1906: Do Not Have That Much Money

Chapter 1906: Do Not Have That Much Money

At that time, they had even invited the top gambler in Country M to test the dice cup. Even the top gambler said that he could not hear the sound made by the dice. Could Qiao Mei’s gambling skills be even better than the top gambler in Country M?

If Qiao Mei was willing to keep gambling here and then kept winning, the new top gambler of Country M might be born.

Bella did not believe that Qiao Mei was simply lucky every round. She had worked in the casino for so many years and had never seen anyone who was lucky enough to keep winning the whole night. In particular, no one had ever won five consecutive rounds when she was the croupier. Even the current top gambler of Country M could not win more than three rounds in a row in the game of Sic Bo with her.

However, there was an unwritten rule in their line of work. If they could not make out how a gambler had cheated, then they had to let the gambler go. They could not go out and spout any nonsense, nor could they defame or slander the person. Anyone who broke this rule would have their hands and feet chopped off and would never be able to work in any casino again.

“I… I..” Yang Tian was clearly very flustered by now and beads of sweat dripped down from his head.

Bella looked at Yang Tian mockingly. She had seen so many men like him. He had only lost a few hundred thousand dollars and he was already showing his fear. Then where did this leave those people who lost a few million dollars?

This was one of the reasons why Bella had not fallen for anyone after so many years. She felt that no one in the world was good enough for her. Perhaps it was because the person who was good enough for her had not appeared yet. Even Jack was quite frustrated over this. Bella was a workaholic, constantly urging Jack to expand the casino and the underground business.

Bella even wanted to rush him into things like assassinating their competitors. Whenever Bella had any free time, she just felt that life was boring. Although she could still continue working at this pace, Jack felt that he was getting too old to withstand such intense stress. He was the main reason why they still could not become top in the world even though they worked so hard.

Bella looked at the person sitting on the sofa again. Xia Zhe was abnormally calm, as if he was not the one who had to pay off the gambling debts after Yang Tian lost. Bella also detested Xia Zhe. After all, she hated people who used money and status to get close to her and Jack.

“Yang Tian, you should stop now. In a while, your father will get anxious and rush us to go back,” Xia Zhe reminded him.

Yang Tian immediately turned to point at Xia Zhe and roared, “Shut up! Do 1 need you to tell me what time I have to go home? You’re just my father’s dog.

Actually, you’re not even good enough to be my father’s dog. Don’t interfere in my business! Just go and get me more money! Give me another 500,000 dollars!”

Qiao Mei frowned and looked at Yang Tian. How dare he scold her husband in front of her. If not for the fact that she could not expose her relationship with Xia Zhe, she would have rushed up to Yang Tian and given him a tight slap!

No! One slap was not enough! She wanted to slap Yang Tian until his own father could not recognize him!

“Young Master Yang, I’d advise you to hurry up. I don’t have much patience,” Qiao Mei said fiercely.

“l know! I’m getting more money now!” Yang Tian said sulkily.

In total, Xia Zhe had already lent Yang Tian 500,000 dollars tonight. Since most of the 500,000 dollars went into Qiao Mei’s pocket, Xia Zhe did not feel that he had made a loss. However, in everyone else’s eyes, Xia Zhe had already spent too much.

How much money could a newcomer in Country Mt s finance industry have in his coffers? Even if he was a tycoon in the stock market, he could not spend so much money in this way.

Perhaps most people would buy the story that Xia Zhe was willing to spend a million dollars in one night on a beautiful girl. They might not even think that what Xia Zhe did was overboard and it would probably become an interesting topic for people to gossip about over dinner. However, everyone would find it ridiculous if Xia Zhe spent a million dollars in one night on Yang Tian.

It was not as if Xia Zhe could go to Yang Tian’s father with the IOU and ask him for repayment. If that happened, their partnership would really fall apart. However, he also could not let Yang Tian do whatever he wanted just because of the partnership.

“There’s no more money. I didn’t bring that many checks,” Xia Zhe said coldly.

He was telling the truth. Although one could issue checks in lieu of cash, the number of checks one could get was limited. There was a limit on the amount as well. Xia Zhe did not expect to stay at the casino for so long, so he naturally did not bring that many checks with him.

Yang Tian could not think of any other solution for now. He would not be getting a second chance. Whether he made it or not would depend on this last round..

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